Homegrown Aeroponics


Locust Basin Farms is a locally-owned-and-operated aeroponic farm on a mission to sustainably produce only the cleanest  leafy greens and herbs. We are committed to providing our community with healthy, fresh, and easily accessible greens year-round.


Right now, we are growing a vast array of delicious artisan greens including leaf lettuce, mixed greens, watercress, tatsoi, mizuna, arugula, bibb lettuce, and various herbs. However as new farmers, we are open to expanding our offerings. If you have any suggestions for us… let us know!


For the time being, you might see us at your local farmers market or neighborhood food truck rally, but we are hoping to expand as our client base does. We are also looking to partner with restaurants and other growers to explore opportunities with contract growing.

Our vertical, aeroponic tower gardens give us the power to deliver smarter, healthier, and tastier leafy greens—and more—right to your dinner table.


of the land


of the water


the harvest

You see, aeroponic farming uses ten percent of the water and ten percent of the land that traditional farming does in order to produce ten times its yield, lessening our impact on the environment and allowing us to grow all-natural food in a much more efficient and sustainable way.

10% the land – 10% of the water – 10x the harvest

Aeroponics is a derivative of hydroponics capable of even greater efficiency and higher production rates due to its unique approach to watering and oxygenation. In aeroponic farming, the roots of the plant actually hang in the air and are watered every 15 to 30 minutes. Each time the roots are watered, nutrients in the water act to erode the root, not only supplying the plant with essential nutrients but also opening up new pores in its roots that encourage nutrient uptake. This type of farming is not only cleaner, but it is also far more efficient, because it gives growers so much more control. This is the future of food production and we at Locust Basin Farms aim to take Tennessee to the next level with Tower Gardens.

Tower Gardens are self-contained aeroponic gardens that assist in the efficient production of most leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. By using 90% less water than conventional farming, Tower Gardens allow food to grow in a considerably quicker timeframe. With only a few hundred farms around the world using this new method of growing, Locust Basin Farms will be a leader in Tennessee for non-conventional farming techniques. If you have ever had hydroponic grown produce, the flavor from our aeroponic farm will surely impress.

If you want to try growing with a tower garden yourself, we encourage you to start with a Family Garden from Tower Gardens. We suggest starting with the Family garden because just one tower will likely not support a family’s needs for leafy green—especially once you notice the distinct difference in taste!

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Whether you’re looking to purchase delicious—and nutritious—leafy greens and herbs, let us in on a new kind of produce you’ve been craving, or learn more about our approach to aeroponic farming, we can’t wait to meet you. Give us a call or shoot us a message below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!